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For most people using a golf push cart is the best option for walking the golf course. Having to lug around a heavy bag would be a deal breaker. Maybe it’s just me, but it takes a lot of equipment to navigate 18 holes of golf and I need it all. Let’s discuss the benefits and why you might want to invest in one of the best golf push carts of 2022.


I love to have a few drinks and tool around a golf course with my buddies as much as the rest of you. There is way more to golf than that. The World Golf Foundation estimates that golfers who walk an 18-hole course clock about 5 miles and burn up to 2,000 calories. 2000 FREAKING CALORIES. Are you kidding me? I about kill myself every day on a Peloton bike to maintain some self-dignity and pride that I might have left as I get older. All for 500 to 1000 calories. So, you’re telling me all I need is one of the best golf push carts of 2022 and I’m on my way to becoming a fitness model. Sign me up.


You are not going to save enough money to put your kids through college, but saving money is always good. How about we do some simple math. A golf cart rental for 18 holes of golf is usually between 15-20 dollars. If you play 3 rounds of golf a week on average that is 60 dollars a week. 240 dollars a month. Just to rent someone else’s golf cart. If you walk the course with your shiny new golf push cart just half of the time, your savings are huge.


Some of you just said “shut the front door” when you read better golf. Hear me out. I most always play better, more laser focused golf when I walk the course. You will to. Seeing more of the course when you walk gets you more acquainted with all the terrain you need to navigate. The valuable time between shots as your walking to your ball thinking about what club to hit next and all the other challenges ahead. You process the game better and your focus for each shot is enhanced. You WILL improve if you start walking the golf course more often.

Obviously, it’s a done deal. Better golf, better health, cash savings and more. Where do you sign up? Check out the best golf push carts of 2022 below and be on your way to the many benefits that come with walking the golf course.

BagBoy Nitron Golf Push Cart

bagboy golf push cart


The Bag Boy Nitron push cart features Nitro Piston technology. A nitrogen powered auto assist open mechanism that allows you to open and fold the cart in seconds. The cart also features Top-Lok technology that prevents the golf bag from twisting and turning. Additional features include a handle mounted parking brake, bungee straps to secure the bag, an umbrella holder, large accessory bag, and scorecard console with golf ball storage. This bad bay comes equipped with an integrated beverage holder and a mobile device holder also. Easily one of the best golf push carts of 2022.

Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

clickgear 4.0 golf push cart


Clicgear’s flagship model is back with a focus on durability and function. The Model 4.0 features a new adjustable upper saddle and umbrella tube straps. Additionally, there is a new lid lock to secure your bag. ClicgearUSA guarantees Clicgear Carts to be free of any manufacturing or material defects from the date of purchase until: 3 Year Warranty – Frame and 1 Year Warranty – Parts. Hard not to love a company that stands by their product with a good warranty. Smooth and durable comes to mind. You’ll know why Clicgear 4.0 makes one of the best golf push carts of 2022 once you use one.

CaddyTek Caddycruiser Golf Push Cart

caddytek caddy cruise 4 wheel golf push cart


The strong, stable 4-wheel body design maintains a unique lightweight and compact folded size for easy storage. Patented one-click mechanism folds the cart to compact size (17” x 14”x 26.4”) in one step. Golfers can push the cart effortlessly on all types of terrain with cushioned front wheels, multiple handle positions, and smooth-rolling ball-bearing wheels. The CaddyCruiser has plenty of storage and features that most golfers want. Umbrella, scorecard, and beverage holders. A unique/patented basket with cooler built-in. Rain or shine, cart your clubs around the green in style and enjoy the game!


Bag Boy Triswivel II Push Cart

bagboy triswivel push cart


The BagBoy Triswivel II features swivel tech technology allowing the front wheel to swivel 360 degrees offering the ultimate in maneuverability. The Triswivel II features 9.5-inch front and 11.5-inch rear oversized wheels that roll easily through grass. The lightweight, weather resistant aluminum frame comes in at 17 pounds. The Triswivel II has all the features you need with an emphasis on maneuverability.

Founders Club Swerve Golf Push Cart

founders club swerve golf push cart


The latest addition to its successful Qwik Fold technology lineup. The Swerve is designed with a 360° swiveling front wheel that allows the cart the maneuverability of a rotating front wheel. The Swerve makes it easy for golfers to handle all types of terrain with ease. The front wheel can also be locked into a fixed position when needed. The Swerve incorporates Qwik Fold. One step folding and opening function that collapses the cart into a compact size for quick and easy storage. For storage, this cart has plenty. It includes an innovative scorecard holder with storage for golf balls, tees, beverages, and personal belongings like a GPS or smartphone. Everybody we know who owns the swerve says it’s by far the best and we find it hard to argue.

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Push Cart

bagboy quad xl golf push cart


The Quad XL has a sleek aluminum frame. Four wheels offer superior stability with 9.5-inch front and 11.5-inch rear wheels. Stand and cart bag friendly upper bag bracket featuring Top-Lock. Room for your gear in the full feature, extra deep scorecard console with golf ball storage, and extra-large accessory bag. The Quad XL is super compact for storage and transport. The Quad feels like a tank carrying your golf bag. Easily making our best golf push carts of 2022.

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