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Sure, you can play golf indoors with simulators, practice nets, and putting mats all winter. You know and I know, all though very fun, it’s not the same. Nothing beats watching your ball fly through the outdoor fresh air of the golf course. Extend your season with these essential cold weather golf gear items for the dedicated golfer.

Callaway winter mitts

Callaway Thermal Mitts

If your hands get too cold, It’s Over. You need good feel in your hands to play golf. Keep your hands warm in between swings with a high-quality pair of winter outdoor sport gloves.

heated vest

Heated Vest

A first-rate heated vest will be a Game Changer for any golfer who braves the cold weather. If you’re trying to play more golf in the Winter, then a heated vest is an essential cold weather golf gear. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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hot hands cold weather golf gear

HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmers

We’ve been using these bad boys for years. A life saver on a cold winter day. Stash a pack in your golf bag, your vehicle, your golf organizer, and at home. I put one in each vest pocket, in my gloves, and on really cold days in my socks near my inside ankles. Whatever works for you.

thermal underwear

Thermal Underwear

A good set of thermal underwear can extent your golf season. Golfers are looking for a warm set that is not restrictive. We got you covered. Keep warm and play more golf with a set of Amazon’s Best Sellers for Men and Women.

Golf cart enclosure for cold weather golf

Golf Cart Enclosure

Owning your own golf cart is becoming increasingly popular. If your one of the lucky ones, you must have a golf cart enclosure for those cold weather days. Most courses don’t mind if you bring your own enclosure to use on their carts also. Golf cart enclosures take no time at all to attach to the cart. It’s time to invest in your game with a golf cart enclosure for those cold or rainy days.

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golf cart heater

Golf Cart Heater

Does any cold weather golf gear make a statement more than a golf cart heater. First off, if you own one you are without a doubt addicted to golf. Secondly, if you don’t own one there are people working harder than you at their golf game. Is that acceptable to you?

cold weather golf apparel

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Cold weather golf gloves can give you that extra grip and warmth you are looking for to keep playing well through the winter. Keeping a pair stashed in your golf bag is a smart move. They will last quite a while considering they only get used when needed.

cold weather golf beanie

Callaway Golf Classic Beanie

Substitute your favorite golf brand fitted and snapback hats with a warm and comfortable beanie for those cold fall and winter days on the course. I personally have several to choose from. Keeping the ears warm is crucial. Make winter golf more enjoyable by staying warmer with a pull over hat.


Cold weather golf gear is worth having if you live in a cold weather climate and want to extend your golf season. For us, golf season never ends. Most of these items are crucial if you want to make winter golf enjoyable at all. The goal is to help and encourage people to play more golf. Hopefully this helps you find the gear you need to be on the course during those cold winter months.


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