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Does what golf ball you use matter to the Average Golfer? The short and most likely unpopular answer is absolutely not, but let’s dive into this a little deeper.

First things first. We need to define what the “Average Golfer” is. According to the National Golf Foundation the average golfer shoots a score of around 100 for 18 holes. Only 26% of golfers shoot a score of 90 or better consistently on regulation 18-hole courses and only a whopping 2% of golfers in the world are scratch golfers. Ladies and gentlemen GOLF IS HARD and that is why we love it so much.

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If you consistently shoot scores below 90 then looking into a golf ball that fits your game can and most likely will improve your scores. I personally like to use the Bridgestone e6 in all competitions because I’ve tested so many balls and this seems to fit my game the best. I use the Nitro Ultimate Distance for casual play simply because of price and easy access. This saves money so that I can invest in other areas of my game. If the Titleist Pro V1 is the choice for your game, then I would use them for competitions and serious golf only. I recommend finding a cheaper alternative for all your casual golf.

If you consistently shoot scores above 90 and into the 100’s you fall into the category of the “Average Golfer”. The golf ball really isn’t going to matter as much to you at this point in your golf journey. I would recommend using refurbished or a cheaper golf ball for all your play and use your resources for golf lessons. If you’re not quite ready for lessons and prefer learning on your own with one of the many wonderful YouTube PGA professional coaches, save on the golf balls that aren’t helping you at this point. Consider investing in a golf net, backyard chipping game, or indoor putting green which will without a doubt be more beneficial to your game then the golf ball you are using.

All of us at HighOnGolf.com have used many golf balls over the years. We all agree that investing in golf lessons and golf training aids is way more beneficial for the “Average Golfer”. If you are one of the top 26% that consistently shoots scores below 90 then choosing a golf ball that fits the needs of your game is more likely to help you than the average golfer. Do some research on your own. Follow the links below and read reviews from trusted customers on the products that you think might suit your needs. Is it time for you to invest in other areas of your game?

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  1. The answer is a resounding yes it does matter. The average club golfer will lose at least one, probably two and possibly more balls per round. So cheap balls are most likely the Best Buy. “Kirkland signature 2” at about £1.00 each are great 3 piece balls that play similarly to pro V1 which cost 4 or 5 times as much. The better club player will benefit from a better quality ball that has been “fitted” by a qualified ball fitter. That simple process can add anything from 5 to 10 yards on the drive and produce tighter dispersions on approach shots to the green, resulting in less bogies and more birdie opportunities. For social golf I use Kirkland balls for serious golf Pro V1x suits my game best.

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