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I asked every golfer we knew if they do golf stretching exercises with a yoga wheel and the answer was always a big fat NO. Some people would look at us as if we had three heads when asked this simple question. I thought there was no way we are the only ones using this “ace in the hole” for golfers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for HighOnGolf.com to introduce the golfing world to our secret weapon The Yoga Wheel.

What is a Yoga Wheel?

In case you have been “living under a rock” for the last decade, the yoga wheel is a hollow and circular shaped prop often with padding for comfort designed mostly for stretching, releasing tension, balance, and improved flexibility.

yoga wheel

How do they sell Yoga Wheels?

You can purchase yoga wheels as a 3-pack that includes small, medium, and large or simply purchase one yoga wheel of the size you desire. We recommend starting with the large if you only purchase one size.

yoga wheel

How will a Yoga Wheel Help my Golf Game?

Aches and Pain Relief: A yoga wheel helps alleviate neck and back pain by rolling it on your spine, starting from its top then down to your tailbone. It helps crack your upper and lower back while massaging your spine at the same time. Good posture and flexibility are important to any good golfer. A yoga wheel will get you on your way to better posture ultimately helping your golf game.

Improves Stability: Yoga exercises require good balance and stability. Using a yoga wheel can help you develop better balance and alignment. All golfers will benefit from better stability and balance.

Builds Core Strength: Many athletes take core training very seriously for good reason. Your core is what helps you maintain good stability and control through your golf swing. It is also one of the main areas in which we generate the power needed to hit bombs.

Increases Flexibility: A yoga wheel is great for reducing muscle tension and increasing flexibility. By placing your back on a yoga wheel, you are able to open up your chest, engage your abdominal muscles, and work out your hip flexors. Yoga wheels will help expand your range of motion. Every single golfer in the world would benefit from increased flexibility.

Yoga Wheel Poses for Beginners

There is so much you can do with a yoga wheel once you dive in. Here are a few examples of Golf Stretching Exercises.

yoga wheel golf stretching exercises
yoga wheel golf stretching exercises
yoga wheel golf stretching exercises
yoga wheel golf stretching exercises
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It doesn’t matter your age or your size, the benefits from a yoga wheel will improve your golf game and your quality of life.

I’ve personally been doing Golf Stretching Exercises with a Yoga Wheel for over a year and wish I knew about this long before that. If at minimum, you use it to crack and massage your back daily you will be extremely happy you own one.

Check out some of the options below and be on your way to a better more comfortable golf game.

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