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More Ladies in Golf, Good or Bad?

Of course, the answer is good. It’s a great thing to have more woman in golf. I was raised by a single mother who worked tirelessly to raise my brother and me. I was also blessed with a wife who has achieved great things in her respective career, all the while being the best mother any child could ask for. Woman can and will do great things, so let’s get as many on the golf course as possible.

How do we do that you ask? There is more than one way to peak someone’s interest in golf. This may not happen overnight, but with patience and the right approach you’ll be frolicking around fairways and greens with your partner in no time. Just imagine a world where your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend wants to golf as much as you.

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The Covid-19 pandemic, although a horrible time for most of us, did create an opportunity for more woman to get into the game of golf. According to the National Golf Foundation 40 percent of new golfers were female since the start of the pandemic. Along with that, junior girl golfers aged 11 to 18 popularities has gone up from 15 to 34 percent since the year 2000. There has never been a better time to get those ladies in your life involved in golf. Now let’s investigate a few ways to make this happen.



            If you have children that can play golf. It’s by far the #1 way to get your partner into golf.  If you are in the back yard chipping balls around and playing golf games with your son or daughter, it is hard for any mother not to get involved. Let’s face it, most mothers will climb Mt. Everest to spend more time with their children. If this is an option for you, then you have a leg up on the rest of the field. If not, say no more. We got this. 

2.Shopping Trip/Small golf purchase

            Nobody is expecting you to drop a thousand dollars on your first golf purchase for a woman you are not even sure is going to like golf. Most women love their partner to go shopping with them, so you’re already in a good situation to start with. Don’t blow it by being miserable because she wants to stop and look at a few of her favorite stores. You must know by now this is going to happen. Stay strong. You got this. Remember your dreams of mixed leagues and never-ending golf opportunities. Your partner could be launching Lexi Thompson type drives on your way to a mixed league championship in no time.

I recommend a gap wedge and a putter to start. Slowly dive into the game at home. Most of us crazy golf enthusiasts own an indoor putting green of some sort. Play some short chipping and putting games in your yard or whatever space you have available indoors or outdoors. Make it fun. Add some wine to the mix. Just the two of you with a glass of wine and a gap wedge. Does it get any better?

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3.PGA or LPGA Event

            Taking your partner to a PGA or LPGA event is another way to introduce them or even your entire family to golf. Many tour events have an awesome atmosphere and a lot of fun people having a great time cheering on their favorite golfers. This is another great way to peak someone’s interest in golf. I don’t know about you, but any time I go to sporting events with my wife there is a strong possibility we could be some of the loudest fans there. Go have some fun at a PGA or LPGA event. I highly recommend it.


Once you have found the best way for you to introduce your partner to golf, we can take the next step in our journey and invite her to the driving range. If you’re ready to invest in a driver I recommend doing that first. We all know there is no better club to hit than the driver. Who doesn’t like to hit bombs? It’s fun. I bought some plastic practice balls for my wife, so she could develop a swing in the back yard before I took her to the driving range. I think that took some of the pressure off her. We all know there can be a lot of pressure golfing in front of people you don’t know when you’re new to the game. Try to avoid those situations at first.

This is the most important part of your journey towards playing more golf. If you think going to the driving range and telling your partner what they are doing wrong for 20 minutes is going to bring success then I suggest some articles pertaining to happy relationships. Give her the basics and let her play. It should be fun. It isn’t time to start giving lessons. Not everybody is a psycho like us avid golfers constantly looking for that little tweak in our swing that could make us Tiger. Those lessons will come later and trust me if your lady is anything like mine, you’ll have to get her a golf instructor eventually. It’s hard to coach without telling someone what they are doing wrong. Your partner doesn’t like you telling them what they are doing wrong. It’s a bad situation for couples. Pay for a golf instructor if she is ready. Worth every penny.

Now that we have come this far, at some point we will need to fill in the clubs she would need to play a round of golf. If you were confident at the start of this journey like I was then maybe you already bought her a nice golf set to start with, if not, I recommend letting her pick out her own golf bag and adding a few more clubs to it. I wouldn’t go crazy on purchases. You will learn through time what clubs you need to add to her bag. I would take her shopping for lady’s golf apparel. Getting all dressed up and looking good is part of the golf experience. Use that to your advantage when introducing your partner to golf. Everybody likes to get dressed up and look good.

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It’s time to finally take your partner to the golf course. I would only play nine holes your first few times out. I recommend a low-key golf course at a less populated time of day. Nobody that is new to the game wants to be on the first tee box with four carts lined up behind them. It can be intimidating. Make sure you arrive early enough to hit the practice green and take some practice swings. Show her the proper way to start your round. Once you get past the first tee box and out into the open, the game and the course will do the rest. Your partner will realize in no time there is no better place to be than on a golf course with your best friend. My wife has been golfing for about three years and she loves to experience new golf courses all over. Every time we travel, we must take our clubs and book 18 holes at a course we have never seen. She realized in a hurry how beautiful these courses are and wants to see as many of them as possible. I was playing golf once maybe twice a week before I introduced my wife to the game. Now I play four to five times a week. Can life get any better?


Whether you are a young couple, an older couple, a couple going through hard times, or a couple with a great relationship, introducing your partner to the game could be one of the best things you’ve ever done. The golf course is a place to get away from the daily grind and stress in this world. When you can golf with your partner as often as you desire, your relationship will inevitably get even stronger. In my humble opinion golf is the best couples therapy there is. Ask yourself one question. Wouldn’t life be better with more golf?


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