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What are the most important things to look for in the most forgiving driver 2023?

  • 450 – 460cc Driver Head Size
  • Adjustable hozel and/or weight configuration
  • Shaft that matches your swing speed (stiff, regular, senior, etc.)
  • 10 – 14-degree loft

We have tested and reviewed 8 new drivers of 2023. TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD, Cobra Aerojet Max, Callaway Paradym X, PING G430 Max, PXG 0311 XF Gen6, Titleist TSR2, Mizuno ST-Z 230, and Srixon ZX-5 MK II. Only 3 will make the podium. Gold, Silver, and Bronze. There are no participation trophies at highongolf.com.

Are there many better feelings than purchasing a brand-new shiny driver? People get caught up in the more distance hype. No matter what you see on the pro tours or what the commercials tell you, accuracy is now and will always be more important than distance.

We started this review to replace our own drivers for the 2023 season. The easiest driver to hit straight is the best driver for all of us. Period. End of story. Let’s find out who makes the podium from our 8-man bracket of the most forgiving driver of 2023.

Bronze Medal

Callaway Paradym X Driver
Callaway Golf 2023 Paradym X Driver

The Paradym X Driver is built for a high launch with high MOI, along with a generously stretched profile at address. This model is best suited for golfers seeking extreme forgiveness and a slight draw bias from their driver.

The Callaway Paradym X Driver was one of the first drivers we tested. It never got knocked off the podium. Very easy to swing and pleasing to the eye. Consistent ball flight across a massive sweet spot.

Callaway Paradym X Driver face

Hanging on for the bronze medal with some tough competitors. Callaway has delivered another driver that makes most everyone’s list of most forgiving drivers 2023.

PING G430 MAX Driver Review(Opens in a new browser tab)

Silver Medal

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Driver
TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD

Introducing the all-new Stealth 2, combining the elements of speed and forgiveness to unlock FARGIVENESS. An absolutely stunning driver that anyone would be proud to have in the bag.

TaylorMade has pulled out the big guns to introduce us to FARGIVENESS. We found that the Stealth 2 HD is definitely more forgiving than the original stealth. Pleasing to the eye and with an extremely hot face.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD face

Considering the original TaylorMade Stealth is not known for its forgiveness this was a surprise to all of us. The Stealth 2 HD has delivered FARGIVENESS. Making a massive move up the list for most forgiving driver 2023 the Stealth 2 HD takes home the silver medal. We can’t wait to see what TaylorMade does next.

Most Forgiving 3 Wood 2022(Opens in a new browser tab)

Gold Medal

PING G430 Max Driver

PING took it to another level this year. The G430 Max easily is the most forgiving driver of 2023. You could argue the PING G425 was the most forgiving driver on the market until the release of the G430 Max. They simply took a great driver and made it better.

Along with a very large sweet spot that offers unparalleled forgiveness the PING G430 has caught their competitors in distance. The golf ball explodes off the face of the G430.

PING G430 MAX face

Taking home the gold medal for MOST FORGIVING DRIVER 2023. The PING G430 Max will not disappoint anyone who adds this beautiful club to their bag.

After countless hours of testing and reviews the gold medalist was an easy decision. The silver and bronze were a tough race. Any of these 3 drivers will help you in your quest to hitting more fairways.

“The goal is always simple, Play More Golf!


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