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Should you use quality used golf balls? That is the big question. We have all pulled out a brand new shiny $4 or more golf ball only to shank it into the woods or a nearby water hazard. Is it really worth it, or can I get the same performance out of a more affordable used golf ball?

We have read many opinions and watched many videos for and against used golf balls. At HighOnGolf.com we formed our own opinion. We don’t see any difference between a high quality used golf ball and a new golf ball. As long as the ball has no major marks or dings on it, we believe it performs the same as a new ball. After all, aren’t all balls used once they’ve been hit once.

Does the Golf Ball Matter to the “Average Golfer”?

How much golf do you play? If you only tee it up once or twice a month, using a few sleeves of brand-new Pro V1’s is affordable. If you play three to five times a week it can be very expensive to play brand new golf balls.

Whatever your opinion and own personal experiences are with quality used golf balls it still can’t hurt to have some laying around. We put together a list of quality used golf balls for a great price that will save the average golfer tons of money. Check it out below.

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Beginners 2022

Quality Indoor Putting Greens for Under $100

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