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SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer

What we like and what we don’t like about the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Golf Swing Trainer. We have used the very popular Orange Whip and many other swing trainers over time, we are providing some honest feedback.

I was definitely skeptical when we ordered the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer but being able to swing almost anywhere inside was too appealing for us not to purchase one especially given the price. We quickly learned that there is so much more to the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer.


 SKLZ swing trainer grip

I love the way the grip forces me into holding the club the right way. You can use interlock, overlap, or baseball grip. It makes sure the V-shape between your thumb and index finger on both hands are pointing at your right collarbone like they should.

A total surprise that is helping me personally is the bend in the shaft corrects a strong or weak grip. Basically, when you’re holding the Golf Swing Trainer in the ready to swing position if the bend in the shaft isn’t straight your hands are out of position. If you fight a slice, buy this product immediately. It will help you fix your slice the right way. Any of the weighted swing trainers that do not have a bend in the shaft won’t help correct a weak or strong grip. The SKLZ Tempo & Grip Golf Swing Trainer will.

The one and only issue I could see with the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Trainer is with the grip if you have bigger hands. To give a reference I am 5′ 11″ 175 pounds with normal size hands. The Golf Swing Trainer fits my hands perfectly.



two weight adjustment on golf swing trainer

The two-weight adjustment is an interesting feature that allows you to make the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Golf Swing Trainer feel like an Iron or a Driver. I personally like the weight in for added swoosh through the zone. Alot of us amateurs lose power in our swing because we put all our efforts into the down swing and by the time we make contact with the ball the club is actually slowing down. This golf swing trainer helps you feel that whip through the contact zone in your swing. The first couple times I took a swing with the golf swing trainer I could feel where your swing should be picking up speed. I was surprised that I loaded up too early and am now working on that slight issue in my swing.

Another feature is the way it helps force you to roll your hands through the contact zone. I have told people to swing a frying pan like a golf club. You should see the pan rolling through your swing. It helps give a visual of what the club should be doing. The weight on the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Golf Swing Trainer provides the same benefit.


golf swing Trainer W/ alignment stick

If you have swing path issues, BUY THIS NOW. It’s very easy to see the weight at the end of the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Golf Swing Trainer. It allows you to follow your swing path as you swing the trainer. We use a SKLZ alignment stick on the floor. While swinging the trainer you can focus on an inside/out swing path very easily. It helps you keep that elbow tucked while rotating your body allowing for a nice inside/out swing.


If used correctly the SKLZ Tempo & Grip Golf Swing Trainer could be a miracle worker for any golfer. We have really enjoyed using this product and will be purchasing more to have conveniently located. Trust us on this golf swing trainer review. You will not be disappointed.

(Check out the SKLZ informational video below)

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